Sunday, April 6, 2014

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The New  Energy
It's Sunday, April 6th and the sun is shining here in the Twin Cities.  I actually have my office windows open. Oh my gosh, what a winter. This morning while meditating, I asked nature if she was done with winter here in Minnesota and it feels like it. April is always such a questionable month because it's been known to snow until May around here, but there's a different feeling in the air today. It's so nice to see grass again, even if it is an odd color right now.
What a week. Two deaths and a birth. For the two that have physically died, they have now begun a new life on the other side and to the little darling born two days ago, welcome to earth Grace Margaret. If you've read my blogs in the past, I've always started out by saying hello to my good friend John Daltrey down in Tuscon. For years John has sent me a post card whenever he thought it was time for another blog. I'm going to miss those post cards. John was one of the people who died last week. It's nice to know he's no longer suffering in his cancer filled body and my sweet friend Barbie no longer has cancer or Alzheimers. It must be great for her to be out of that body. It will take awhile for her soul to get used to being healthy again and I'm glad she's on that road now.
The new energy hit yesterday which a lot of astrologers have been talking about. For months I've been getting this really cool image of the beginning of April, a lot of white light, healing energy coming to Earth and I've been curious to see what it was going to be like. Friday and Saturday were a bit combobulating (not sure if that's even a word) and now today feels calmer. I wish I could help people see the gift we've just been given. Light, light and more healing light. Positive energy, changes are coming. Good changes. The image that comes to me is a new garden. What seeds have you been planting in your garden? What are your desires for life. Are you letting go of old friends, un-happy jobs, old material possessions? Have old memories been coming up that no longer serve your life? Cleaning out the emotional files you've been holding on to? March was brutal in an emotional sense. We had a lot of awarenesses of the things we've been holding on to and now this new energy came in and said, "here, let me help you get rid of this."
Some people have b een very anxious about this new energy and have sent emails asking if this is something they should be afraid of. If you think about it, that's kind of a goofy question. Should I live in fear for what might come into my life???What the astrologer Nancy Jernander said is that if people have been doing their work they'll be fine. If they haven't, this new energy will affect them possibly in a harsh way. An example comes to mind of an alcoholic. That soul came to earth to deal with their addictions but they keep pretending they don't have any issues. Their significant other might be living with their head buried in the sand also and think they don't have any issues either. That's the elephant in the room. And for people with that kind of situation going on, they will feel this energy pushing them to take care of business.
This energy wants us to be happy and in this particular situation that I just mentioned, no one is happy if they are living with addictions or with an addict. Other situations that come to mind are mental illness. We know when we are living with someone with mental illness but a lot of people sweep it under the rug because of the un-comfortableness of talking about it. Those kinds of situations will also be coming to the surface. People don't need a psychic to tell them if they have issues. It's a simple matter of asking yourself what are you resisting giving up or looking at.
We are going to continue to see secrets exposed in big business, government and the church. It's time. But there's nothing to be afraid of. This is all good. THE UNIVERSE WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY. GOD WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY. I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY. So whatever is keeping you from being happy is what needs looking at. Make friends with this new energy. Don't live in fear of it. Nancy J said in her talk Friday night that this energy is going to be here for a very long time, so let's get used to living with positiveness in our life rather than fear, anxiety, depression and confusion.
The last thought I want to share today is that if you are feeling as if you're deceased loved ones are trying to communicate with you, you haven't lost your mind. They are. Our loved ones on the other side are working hard at letting us know what we can look forward to. They look at their lives from a different perspective now and see the importance of doing what we come here to do. Every year I hear psychics say that the veil that separates us from the other side is getting thinner and thinner and while that has been true, it's only been getting a tiny bit thinner each year. I've seen a noticeable shift in the veil in the last six months where our loved ones from the other side really are communicating with us louder and longer than before. Don't try to force communication. Let them come when their time and energy is right and when it does happen that you can feel or sense their presence, don't slam the door out of fear. Let the experience just be. Be open to your reality continuing to shift. We are living in good times. Challenging and changing, but still good at the same time.  Like I say in one of my books, "look for the good and you'll find God".
Thanks for visiting today. I hope wherever you are today that you have blue skies and warmth from the sunlight. I'm going for a walk.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank Goodness Times Have Changed

As always, I'd like to start out by saying hello to my friend John Daltrey in Tuscon. I think of you everyday John and wish nothing but the best for you.
When I write a blog, I like to write about subjects that most people can relate to but today is going to be different. I saw the movie Philomena on Wednesday and haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It's the true story of an un-wed Irish Catholic young woman in 1952 and the journey she goes through to find her son.  If you've read any of my books, you know that I too was an un-wed mother at age 19 and placed my son for adoption so the story was very near and dear to my heart except that I didn't go through all the bullshit that the Catholic church inflicted on these young un-wed mothers. I've felt enraged ever since seeing that movie because of way they treated these "fallen women".
I did a little digging and found out that this movie is up for 4 nominations and that there is a project called The Philomena Project where you can sign a petition to ask the Irish Government and the Church to make it easier for the children adopted in Ireland to find their parents. Here's the link if you're interested: Philomena Lee Project .
I know the shame that goes along with this kind of pregnancy or at least the shame attached to it back then. The judgments, the secrecy and shame you bring to your family and the horrible pain of relinquishing your child for adoption. I used to think it was the worst pain in the world giving up your own child. It was and it wasn't. My son grew up in a wonderful family and he's a fantastic young man who I love dearly, but my heart still goes out to all those women who placed their children willingly or unwillingly and have not been able to put closure on that pain. That hole you feel inside because you don't know how their story turned out. Are they okay? Are they happy? Did they have a good life? Do they have abandonment issues? Do they understood that their mothers loved them very much and felt that adoption was the best solution for them? There's always so many questions for the birth parents and the babies they placed.
If it was possible to sue the Catholic church for the way they treated these young women, I would. Her story says the Church will not take responsibility for their part in the 60,000 babies they sold to American families and this certainly wasn't just the Irish Catholics that did this. My dad's birth mother was German Catholic and she went through hell also.
Times have changed and even though we have open adoptions and more and more young women raising their babies, there is still a stigma attached to it. It's a tough row to hoe, raising a baby on your own at an early age but that's a whole other story.
My focus today is on the children and mothers who have been through this and are still feeling the pain of that loss and separation.  The hole in my heart went away when I found my son and today I understand why both of us needed to go through the separation and eventual reunion.  If you are someone who has gone through this and you are still suffering from it, please do something about it. Hire an agency to find your mom or your child. Do what you can to heal that break in your heart.  Don't wait until it might be too late. Go see Philomena and sign that petition asking the Catholic Church to step up to the plate and help these mothers find their children. The cruelty needs to end so that the healing can begin.
More blogging soon. I feel better getting that off of my chest. Thanks for visiting today.
off to do a meditation

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Blog

First things first, I would like to send a big hug out to my friend John Daltrey in Tucson who has now entered hospice. Thank you for having your friend Christine send me an email. Life has been so busy since getting married in September and as you know, I've barely done any blogging.
Shortly after getting married, my husbands 20 year old son moved in with us and my life has changed dramatically since being a very single person for many many years. I've been very busy promoting the new book What Happens When We Die. I've been doing a ton of radio interviews and finally after years of trying to get on the radio show Coast to Coast, my friend Dave Schrader sub-hosted one night and I was a guest. It was great. He had great questions and we had a blast. I've met some of the nicest people hosting these radio shows. It's been a whirlwind of interviews talking about death in a very pleasant way.
One of the highlights of these last few months just happened this last week end. I taught a 3 day workshop on Living by our Intuition at Hazelden's Renewal Center and there was something very magical about teaching "my people" about intuition. My 41st anniversary is coming up Feb. 3rd and it felt very special to be there and to be with people on a spiritual quest.
Winter has been relentless but I'm also finding the magic in that as well. We're surrounded by mounds of snow up here in Minnesota with temperatures that would make an Eskimo pause before coming here. Yesterday the temp was minus 22 with a windchill of minus 45. SERIOUSLY????? Yup. And for some odd reason, I'm finding it to be kind of fun. I've always loved snow days. I stay inside and bake or sew. One of my publishers loves the fleece shirts I make, so whenever I find some kind of goofy fleece to match his goofy personality, I make him a shirt.
I've been going back and forth about getting a bigger place to have my teaching Center. I want a bigger space, but I don't want the hassle of it, so I decided to stay where I am. I'm re-painting the walls. Bringing in more plants. Gonna make it as homey as possible. The Aurapalooza's that we've been having every month are very successful. We're getting bigger and bigger crowds and I love it. I love providing the community with a place to go to find good readers, body workers, artists, gifts, etc. It's really fun.
Just this week we started a new on-line psychic development class which always makes me happy. We get students from all over the globe and they make friends with each other. I'm also starting a new in person 16 week psychic development class March 4th. I love helping people develop their spiritual gifts. It's fun to watch those light bulbs go on over their head as they put the pieces of their life's puzzle together.
I think the only other thing going on right now is that I'm thinking of writing a book about raising a psychic child. I'm not thrilled about the thought of writing a whole nother book so I might just keep it simple and write an E-Book that I'll sell on my website. The older I'm getting the more I want to keep things as simple as possible. Get the messages out there and relax a little. If I started a book today, it wouldn't be out for a minimum of another year to two and the thought of going through the whole process again makes my body shudder. But I do have to say I'm getting the bug to write so I'll keep you posted. There are so many older souls coming in right now to help raise up the vibration of our planet and I want to help parents and grandparents understand their little send good writing vibes and hopefully I will get this thing done soon.
That's it for today. You've been caught up on pretty much everything. I'm going to head over to the Center and finish painting the Gift Shop. Today's color is a soft turquoise. And then I'm going to paint the basement white and Ted, the owner of The Cottage House will come in and do is amazing magic and we will have shangri la down there once again. Mercury goes retro for three weeks in February so I'd like to get things done before it does.
Thanks for visiting today.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Light Drowns Out the Darkness

The Light Drowns Out the Darkness
I want to share this experience with you but part of me isn't sure how to say it all, so I might end up channeling some info.
On  Wednesday, my soul was out of my body most of the day and when I came back, all I could remember was that I had a vision of this amazing light coming up from within the Ocean. I could feel all this energy spreading out and filling the Earth, but didn't know exactly what had happened. I've felt somewhat loopy ever since it happened and then again today, my soul was out of my body until around 11:30. When that happens, I can't wake up. Can't get my eyes open. Many of you have had this experience but don't know what to call it and it is simply the soul doing some out of body work.
I've been loopy all afternoon. Jay suggested I go outside and sit up against a tree because my body needed some serious grounding. That, along with a sandwich and some chocolate got me grounded enough to go inside and do some ironing. I needed to do things of the physical world to get rid of the spacyness and that helped also. I turned on the tv for background noise while ironing and on CNN they had breaking news about President Obama making an historical phone call to the President of Iran. They said our government hasn't talked to their government since 1979 and I started wondering if that's what this influx of light is about.
Life on earth has felt critical lately and I've also been aware of other beings trying to help us shift our consciousness. More and more people are delving into a spiritual way of life and there has been a shift of sorts taking place for quite awhile, but this influx of light feels monumental.  If there are substantial peace talks between these two governments, much will shift on this planet and that's exactly what we need to move on to the next level.
The image that comes to me is that the positiveness of this energy will outweigh the negativity and I get an image of many positive people drowning out the sounds of the negative people.  The negative people continually trying to convince us that the world is going to hell and that it's all corrupt. I see the people following a spiritual positive path finally outweighing the negative and it gives me a great deal of hope. The negativity being drowned out. Hushed by the positiveness of the light.
I'm on my way to the church to do a meditation tonight and will finish this when I get home. There may be some great suggestions that come through the meditation that I will want to share with you. Be back in a bit.
It's now three days later. There hasn't been any time to converse with you about this. I've checked in throughout the week end to see if the white light is still everywhere and it is which I've been so glad to see. My sense it that it's very quietly shifting the energy on the planet.  Many people keep talking about the big shift coming, but it's actually happening right now. The light is moving all throughout the planet inspiring people to get on a more positive path in their life. Have you noticed changes in your own life? A desire for a deeper connection to the divine? Wanting to get out of dead end jobs? Feeling safer about taking risks? That's the kind of energy this is and I'm so grateful to see it.
Follow the desires in your heart. I was talking to a young woman last week who doesn't know what she's supposed to do for work. She has so many talents and she's stuck trying to figure out which one to do. Very simply put, when the Divine Source (God) has a plan for you, one that will make you very happy, it plants that seed in your heart and you begin to crave it. What we need to do is get out of our heads and go into our heart and find that desire. That is your highest good. That will bring you the most fulfillment.
Right now and for some time coming, the Universe will continue to push you to find your deepest desires and fulfill them. The shift of consciousness is happening NOW. Not in the future, not some day down the road. It's happening now, so get out of your head, go into your gut and find your true path.
If you want to be committed to your spiritual path, that's what you will do is really truly trust that inner voice and go for it.
If you are having a hard time finding your path, I recommend getting a session with Master Numerologist, Wes Hamilton. He's been a Godsend to me and many others. You can find him at He does mini sessions at the aurapalooza's also and our next one will be Saturday, October 19th. For all of you out of towners, he does phone consultations as well.
Continue to help the planet make this conscious shift over to the positive energy. It's powerfully strong and very good. Lets do this together. See the white light spreading throughout the globe every day.
Bye for now.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Life, Death and All That's In-Between

What an intense week it's been and I need to blog about it and connect with all of you.
A week ago a wonderful man named Jim Kowalski, who has been married to my beautiful cousin for fifty years, died suddenly, leaving all of us pretty devastated for many days. Death has been a part of my life's work since way back when and there's always been a feeling of acceptance when it happened, but for such a sudden death like Jim's, it really hit all of us pretty hard.
Death always makes me take an inventory of where I'm at in my life and am I where I wanted to be at this point. It's a good marker for all of us who are still living here, learning and experiencing as much as we can.
His death once again reminded me not to put off till tomorrow what I could be experiencing today, so I decided to get married next Friday, September 20th on my 65th birthday!!!
I've shared with all of you that I met a wonderful man who is very different from me and yet very much like me in many ways and my life shifted in a very good way. I was so deeply rooted in my lifestyle of a single career woman doing her work and didn't think I'd experience any more major life changes at this point, until the Universe showed me there was more to my life plan than meets the eye and I met Jay.
This past Wednesday I worked at The Cottage House which is that adorable vintage shop I work at twice a month. When I woke up Wednesday morning, nothing felt normal. Everything felt off and I didn't know what it was. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and wasn't sure what to do about it. There were over 2000 people at Jim's funeral the day before and I felt raw. Too much grief in one room I later figured out.
It was warm in the Cottage and the co-worker I team with got very sick from the heat and passed out. Seeing her lay on the ground totally freaked me out and when the ambulance came to get her, all I could do was cry. I felt so scared that we were going to lose her as she had stopped breathing at one point.  Three hours later, they were calling an ambulance for me as I was having severe chest pains. It hurt so bad I thought for sure I was having a heart attack. Off to the hospital I went wondering what in the world was going on. All the tests came back fine, so I able to leave the hospital but the day had such an impact on me. I felt this very deep sense of wanting to experience as much of life as possible. I'm here and I need to live it. I want to be present as much as possible. Be spontaneous and happy. Find a balance between work and a personal life.
It's been a couple of days since that experience and I'm still feeling fragile. I'm blogging about this because I know other people are going through intense times right now and I want to encourage you to find the gem in each one of the experiences. Life on earth is a smorgasbord of experiences and we need to take advantage of all that is served up to us. Don't be afraid of life. Don't be afraid of change or new experiences. We can all be gone in the blink of an eye like my cousin Jim.
I never in a million years thought I would be getting married on my 65th birthday, let alone meet someone I'm so crazy about. I guess it's true what they say about it never being too late to start a new life. If you're in the Twin Cities, come by the Center next Saturday and help us celebrate our marriage. We are having our monthly Aurapalooza and it's going to be a great day. 5356 Chicago Ave. So. from 10-5:00pm.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Feeling Grounded

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Labor Day. Supposedly the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It brings back memories of going back to school,  wearing new school clothes, seeing old friends again. Getting back in to a routine, which always seemed boring and exciting all at the same time.
Before I start blogging, I'd like to send a big hello to my friend John Daltrey who lives down in Tuscon and is recovering from chemotherapy. I was so glad to get your post card John saying you can take a break from it until October. I'm so sorry you have to go through this, but am hopeful that you'll beat this damn thing and get on with your life. Please keep those post cards coming. I love to hear about your progress.
I had an interesting awareness that I want to share with you today and it has to do with weight and grounding. If you saw my last blog, you know that I met a wonderful man who swept me off my feet and I'm in love. It was fast and intense and wonderful and scary all at the same time. I had pretty much given up on ever finding a romantic love again. For the most part, I loved my life even though it was lonely at times. I've immersed myself in my work for so long that I didn't really seriously entertain the idea of having anything else significant in my life.
For those of you that regularly read my blogs, you know I went through a thirty pound weight loss last December.  I had maintained it for seven months and then something interesting happened shortly after meeting my significant other. I started eating carbs like there was no tomorrow.  Carbs, carbs, carbs. I couldn't get enough and of course the down side is that I've gained 11 pounds.
You should have heard the negative self talk. I'm a failure, I can't stick to anything, I'm sabotaging myself, blah, blah, blah. I hated it. In the spiritual study group that I'm teaching on Wednesday nights, the last two weeks have been about paying attention to our negative self talk which made me ultra aware of how I'm talking to myself lately and I HATE IT.
I asked the Universe for help in understanding this so that I can change it, and this morning I got the message that the food has been all about feeling grounded.  All these new feelings of feeling happy, safe and content have actually been kind of scary. Sounds strange I know, but this relationship has brought so many changes into my life so fast, that I've been eating to feel grounded.
I'm blogging about this because you may be going through similar changes in your life. You may not be experiencing a new love, but you might be dealing with a job change, a change in health like my friend John, a new residence, or the death of a loved one. I've been seeing September as a time of big change for lots of people and I wanted to make you aware of this need we all have to feel grounded. Feeling grounded means feeling like you're in control of your life. Feeling safe inspite of all the changes happening.  Feeling connected to your higher power and listening to your inner voice for guidance.
In the tarot deck, one of the cards is Diablo, the Devil and when we get the Devil card, it usually means we are in bondage to something. Food, gambling, alcohol, drugs, shopping, there's lots of things we can become addicted to and in bondage of. If you are going through some major changes, yes, even the positive ones, check to make sure you aren't hurting yourself somehow by the need for feeling grounded.
 We are in intense times. We are about to go to war again sort of.  It's not a long war, but something needs to shift the negative power that's hurting so many people. We need to help each other out. If our government was intentionally poisoning us, we would all hope someone with authority would come in and help us and that's what's happening right now. It's an international intervention  of sorts.
I'm not going to get off the track here. This is about us feeling safe and grounded in our lives no matter what is going on. We have gotten used to life being intense and although many of us pray it goes back to some sense of normalcy like it was when we were kids, I'm afraid that boat has sailed. We're here for the ride. Our souls wanted to be here during this period of history, so please be good to yourself. Watch the negative self talk and don't let yourself get off track. Stay tuned to your inner voice and get your groundedness there.  
As always, thanks for reading the blog today. We're getting through this experience called life here on planet Earth one day at a time. Until next time, watch that self talk.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Saturday is going to be alot of fun at the Center. It's AURAPALOOZA day from 10-5:00  5356 CHICAGO AVE.
Lisa and Beth with Moon Wisdom/Aura's and Gift Shop  
Amondesigns Jewelry          
Theresa May, Massage Therapist  
Stacy Lamoureux, Tarot Reader
Alison James, Psychic, Medium and Animal Communicator
Eli James, Hand Massage
Vonne Johnson, Psychic, Animal Communicator
Jean Wallis, psychic  
Carl Wergyn, Medical Intuitive and Healer
Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist
Paulette Santo,Angel Artist
Katie from Transzendance (T-shirts)
Bobby Sullivan, Psychic Reader
Nancy Jernander, Astrologer (from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
Rev. Kathy Wilken, Reader and Healer  
Kriss Patterson, Young Living Essential Oils
Bryce Brown, Cane Maker
Lena Swanson, psychic and animal communicator
Julia Leigh, Artist
Paulette Hastings with Neuro-Strength
Chocolates from the Sweet Swede
Marian Bayer, Artist and Healer